Home of games made by Sean and Ian Lilley. Our goal is to create unique puzzle games that are both challenging and fun.




Lilley Design was created by twin brothers Sean and Ian Lilley in 2007. As sophomores in high school, they loved playing flash games and wanted to see what it would be like to make their own. They released their first game Mouse Evader in May 2007 followed by Song Stages in July 2007. These games are notoriously difficult, and served as a good lesson in balancing for the future.

During Fall of 2008, Sean and Ian worked on their next game Two Rooms. This was during a very hectic time period - as seniors they were already balancing a heavy homework load with college applications, and yet somehow their main focus was finishing the game. They released Two Rooms in January 2009, which has since been played around 6 million times.

In August 2009 Sean and Ian attended the University of Pennsylvania. During freshman year, Ian released Pictogrid, a puzzle game that matches Mouse Evader in terms of difficulty. After that point, the two started to focus more on 3d game engines and computer graphics.

After graduating in May 2013, they continued to work on the game engine they had been building during school. Later, Sean began working on Color Instinct as a side project, and released it in February 2014.

Who knows what the next Lilley Design game will be...